English trifle

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Incomplete recipe and ingredients
This simple recipe is lacking what makes Triffle so interesting and unique : a mix of tastes, textures and colours delicately set together !

Ma suggestion : Traditional recipy :
? Fruit flavoured jelly with sliced fresh fruits inserted in it (can be seasonal berries, banana, mango, etc..)
? Sponge cake (g?noise / biscuit de Savoie, ou quatre-quarts) halved in 2 layers, separated with a layer of any kind of red jam ; 1st layer inserted on jelly not yet settled (semi-liquid) and 2nd layer of sponge cake humidified with an alcohol sirup made to taste : water, sugar and either Rhum, brandy (cognac) or sherry (X?r?s) / red Port.
? Custard which can be easely made by replacing the difficult-to-buy abroad ready-made custard powder by making your own : Ma?zena (cornflower), sugar, light yellow colouring agent (like curcuma), one vanilla pod or vanilla extract, all mixed in quarter cold milk; then pour the rest of hot milk while stirring with hand whip.
? Finally, whipped clotted cream, sprinkle on top with halves of walnut and / or almond and preserved cherries.
_ Enjoy !